The Hautes-Alpes already gathered 22.000 SMS !

Quebec already gathered 5.000 SMS !

Switzerland just finished a 24 000 SMS collection !

Switzerland published its own Website !
  La Réunion just finished a
12 000 SMS collection





Organisms whiwh support our project :





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That's new!

2016: The corpus collection is over. Buy the sms corpus

2014: SMS Communication: A Linguistic Approach is out! Buy the book

March 2012: SMS Communication: A Linguistic Approach (More info)

December 2011: LREC workshop : @NLP can u tag #user_generated_content ?!

September 2011:  sms project launched in Montpellier!

June 2011: The Italian and Romansh parts of Switzerland are completing their collection!


January 2011: Call for papers on SMSs! "TEXTOS : dimensions culturelles, linguistiques et pragmatiques" 79ème congrès de l’ACFAS, Université de Sherbrooke, 12-13 mai 2011.

October 2010 : sms project launched in Hautes-Alpes !

June 2010 : sms4science on Video in Switzerland.

March 2010 : Canadian project on TV!

January 2010: sms4science on RSR Radio!





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